Kaye Wilkinson Barley

I'm a voracious reader and lover of books, a long time blogger, an indie author, an amateur photographer, dabbler in mixed media collages, and fiddler of fiber arts.  One who believes creativity

is essential to the soul.  I'm a collector of "things" pretty and sparkly. I'm opinionated and mouthy,

but a marshmallow at heart.  This webpage began as one thing, but seems to have become something else.  What exactly that something else might be is yet to be discovered, and appears

to be ever evolving.   It'll be a journey - join us . . . ​

Signing "Whimsey" at Quarter Moon Books, Topsail Island, NC

"Whimsey" at WHSmith Booksellers, Paris

Signing "Whimsey" at Sugar Island Bakery & Books, Topsail Island, NC

Welcome to my author page!


Before we go any further, if you're looking for my blog, that would be Meanderings and Muses and can be found here - www.meanderingsandmuses.com  That's where all the fun stuff is usually happening.  If, however, you're looking for posts about "Whimsey: A Novel," or some of my other work, including where to purchase,  you're in the right place.  Enjoy!!